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Northern White Rhino - Signed Limited Edition Print

Northern White Rhino - Signed Limited Edition Print

Limited edition print signed by the artist, Peter Matthews, on 315g 100% cotton art paper with authentication certificate - available in various sizes:

400mm x 400mm - $190.00

600mm x 600mm - $280.00

800mm x 800mm - $460.00

1000mm x 1000mm - $610.00


The Northern White Rhinoceros have been residing on this planet for the past 15 million years, formerly found in several countries in East and Central Africa south of the Sahara. The rhino horn is highly valued and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as a status symbol to display success and wealth. Due to severe poaching only three Northern White Rhinos were left until March 2018, from a high of more than 2,000 in 1960. On March 20th, 2018 the last male rhino - Sudan - kept under 24 hour armed watch at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, passed away. There are now only two Northern White Rhinos remaining on our planet.

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