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Sportive Lemur - Signed Limited Edition Print

Sportive Lemur - Signed Limited Edition Print

Limited edition print signed by the artist, Peter Matthews, on 315g 100% cotton art paper with authentication certificate - available in various sizes:

400mm x 400mm - $190.00

600mm x 600mm - $280.00

800mm x 800mm - $460.00

1000mm x 1000mm - $610.00


The Sportive Lemurs are the medium-sized primates that live exclusively on the island of Madagascar. They are strictly nocturnal move among the trees. During the day they hide in leafy covering or tree hollows. As a result of severe ecological and human pressures, the lemur is classified as Critically Endangered (CR) by the IUCN Red List, and is one of the world's most endangered primate species. There are less than 20 Sportive Lemurs remaining in the forests of Madagascar.

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